Friday, May 14, 2010

Royal Babu

Our house was once inhabited by other people that all followed a similar path as us. They worked for the same organisation as my wife and experienced a lot of the good times and the bad times that we have also experienced over here. I learn't this while back home in Aus last time when I ran into some previous tenants, it was sweet to compare notes. Since the three previous rounds of tenants the place has never been cleared out of everyones crap. Hence I use a lot of the crap for random things.

This photo I found and decided to recycle by doing a quickie drawing on it. Its actually a photo taken at Pokhara over looking Phewa lake. We were also lucky enough to make a trip there last year, it is one of the main tourist destinations here. This little drawing was inspired also by a recent trek to Everest base camp. A funny man friend on the trek discovered while he was over here that 'royal babu' meant crying baby(boy) in Nepali and used it sarcastically in broken Nepali conversation. it made our Nepali guide laugh a lot. Anyway guess you had to be there. The back of this photo has the word royal printed on it so it just reminded me of the goodtimes while we were not trekking. I hate walking especially for 13 days straight for 5ish hours or more a day, why the Jeffrey Higgons would I put my self through that. Never again.

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